NF- Replacement filter for T1 T2 T3 models

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Nova Flair Replacement Activated Carbon Filter will give you maximum airflow with filtration down to 1 micron.
Fits all models with ZF-Technology starting from 2012.

What does this Filter do for you?
It means that most of the dust will be filtered out of the air and will not resettle in the room around you.

What else does this filter do for you?
It allows you to only have to clean the unit once in a week or two weeks, even up to a month, depending on volume of nail services.

How often do these filters have to be replaced?
The standard suggested time is once or twice a year, depending on damage done to the filter when cleaning it.

  • Superior Dust Filtration to 1 micron
  • Quick & Effortless Cleaning (once in 2 weeks *)

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