PUEEN- Celebration Collection "Fireworks Festival"

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This plate is designed and created from the ground up to follow the exciting new designing concepts to the nail art stamping world.

This is very unique and no other nail art image plate look like it.

This plate measures 7"x9.5" (18x24cm) with sanded edges and plastic backing for easy, comfortable handling and a protective nylon screen.

This image plate is made from high grade stainless steel and backing to prevent scratching during storage.

This amazing collection comes with a fully etched plate so there is no limitation on your nails' width and length any more.



We call this STAMPING BUFFET as you may stamp where ever you like!

We call this ALL YOU CAN STAMP as you will create infinite designs with your imagination!

This set brings a totally new concept of the stamping nail arts. While each plate is fully etched, the idea of Stamping Buffet is coming from where you may stamp where ever on the plate as you like. This will allow our plates to create infinite designs with your imaginations.

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